Jamie will fight to End Cash Bail for Low-Level Offenses

Our bail system is broken beyond redemption. It has been bastardized by the for-profit industries which have effectively subjugated our underprivileged citizens, essentially robbing them of their constitutional right to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

Why? Simply because they cannot afford to stay out of jail while they wait for justice. This is the exact opposite of justice. It’s a penalty placed upon the underprivileged working-class members of our society who lack the means to afford themselves freedom. The masses of Americans that live paycheck to paycheck. This is not the same justice available to those in our society with the means to buy themselves freedom. This bail system has created a debtors’ prison which is unconstitutional, unjust and must end. 

Why are we filling the County Correctional Facility with people accused of low-level crimes who would otherwise be walking free if they could simply make bail?  Let’s save the tax payers money and stop housing and feeding people accused of low-level crimes because the courts set bail amounts so high that poor people cannot afford to pay it . Let’s have a system of detention based on the crimes charged and the risk of flight instead of the amount of money available to accused.

Jamie will fight to Lower Sentence Recommendations for Non-Violent Crimes and look for Alternatives to Incarceration

We are too quick to incarcerate. We need more effective alternatives. Over and mass incarceration is not only costly but it burdens our overtaxed correctional facilities.

Jamie will Institute a Second Chance Program for our Veterans

They fought for us, we need to do a better job of honoring them. We need to recognize that sometimes even the most honorable soldiers lose their way. Let’s help put them on the right track if we can – we owe them. 

Jamie will Reduce the Racial Disparity in our Criminal Justice System

Justice is blind. In Monroe County we must ensure that no one, I repeat – NO ONE, is prosecuted based on the color of their skin, their religious beliefs or their sexual orientation.  We need more diversity in our District Attorney’s office to ensure equality and fair treatment. The office should represent the diversity of our county. Diversity = Equality.

Jamie will work with other Prosecutors to devise a plan that will finally End Mass and Over Incarceration by establishing More Effective Diversion Programs and Community-Service-Based Alternatives to Incarceration

We need to stop and think before we lock people away – we need to assess and consider rehabilitation, mental illness treatments, job-training programs, community-service-based therapies that are designed to integrate people back into the community not lock them out of it.  We need to be more compassionate and less punitive – it is the best way to stop recidivism and actually help people.  We can be preventative while being reactive.

Jamie will work to End Non-Rehabilitative Drug Policies

Our system needs to change or we will have a population of chemical-dependent prisoners who cycle in and out of our system until they die dragging the community down around them, both financially and emotionally.  The opioid epidemic has ravaged our communities. We need to stop it. We need to enlist the services of medical professionals, educators, religious and community leaders. We need to institute mass interventions by rallying the support of friends and families. We need to teach them to recognize the signs of addiction and how to get help. 

The county doctors need to find viable alternatives to pain management. Educators need to have resources available to teach our children about the problems associated with addiction and how to avoid them. Religious and community leaders need to lead and implement ways to fight this problem. 

Prosecutors need to be mindful that non-rehabilitative drug policies are not a solution and only temporarily address a much bigger problem which will likely rear its ugly head again and again unless it is prevented in a meaningful non-punitive way.