Our District Attorney’s Office needs Accountability, Transparency, Compassion and a better sense of Community


We need greater accountability to ensure that the unfettered discretion of the District Attorney is nothing short of honorable.

We need greater accountability regarding why certain allegations are investigated and why others are ignored – why certain individuals are charged and why others are not.

We need to know what the criteria is for plea bargaining.


We need more transparency – the District Attorney’s office should have town hall style meetings monthly to update county residents and answer questions – the office is funded with County tax dollars – it’s time to let the County see how that money is spent.


We need to provide a fair and equal justice system for ALL our neighbors. A system that refuses to consider color, ethnicity, religious belief or sexual orientation – justice should be blind to those traits. The District Attorney’s Office is not a place for hate and bigotry.

We need less incarceration and more civil works and diversion programs.

We need to stop punishing our poor, our under privileged, our mentally challenged with our unjust bail system.


We need to work with the community, the county commissioners and our health institutions to end punitive drug policies and replace them with health-based solutions.

We need to actually listen to our community residents, their leaders and take their concerns and issues into consideration when providing justice.

We need to form partnerships with religious, municipal and community leaders to find solutions to on- going problems – incarceration is not always the answer – we need more preventive measures.